Program Overview

Operated by TNTP, a national leader in advancing effective teaching, TNTP Academy has been training high-performing teachers for Louisiana schools for more than 12 years.

TNTP Academy draws on a deep understanding of the communities it serves, and has prepared more than 3,400 teachers in Louisiana to date, including nearly 2,600 Teach For America corps members as well as teachers from Teach Baton Rouge and TNTP's own teachNOLA program.

Our Training

Our approach is radically simple: focused practice on essential teaching skills.

TNTP Academy participants train like pro athletes, with hands-on practice, classroom-centered coursework and intensive feedback and coaching from expert educators. It is transformational training designed to make you a transformational teacher.

TNTP Academy holds some of the highest standards for effective teaching of any teacher preparation program in America. Only teachers who master core skills and demonstrate a consistent ability to help students learn earn certification.

Everything we do prepares new teachers to meet this bar and succeed in classrooms where too many students start behind and struggle to catch up.

Our Results

TNTP Academy has consistently ranked as Louisiana's top-performing teacher certification provider. For five straight years, a state study has found that TNTP Academy-trained teachers may outperform even veteran educators in raising student achievement in core content areas, including math, science and English language arts.

School and district leaders notice the difference. Our graduates are in high demand in the schools and districts we serve, including 20 districts and charter school associations throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge.