TNTP Academy Certification Coursework

Please note that these requirements are specific to 2013-2014 participants and may change for the 2014-2015 school year.

Content Seminars
Shortly after you begin teaching, you will begin participating in series of Content Seminars designed to bolster your instructional impact. These seminars will focus on the most critical knowledge required in your subject area and help you develop the planning skills needed to teach that content effectively.

Content seminars will consist of nine sessions, scheduled on weeknights throughout the school year. In these seminars, you will be grouped with teachers in your content area so you can learn and practice effective, teaching strategies specific to your subject and benefit from constructive feedback from expert instructors and peers in your teaching area.

During these sessions, you will also practice and develop critical planning and instructional skills needed to advance student learning. These include:checking for understanding; responding to individual student learning needs; engaging students in higher-order thinking; planning ambitious goals; and using data to drive instruction.

Content Seminars are led by outstanding local teachers with a record of raising achievement in challenging classrooms. They are continually customized to address participants' high-priority development needs based on data drawn from classroom observation data.

Technique Seminars
You will also participate in Technique Seminars, held on four Saturdays over the course of the school year. During these sessions, you will master proven teaching techniques drawn from the classrooms of some of America's best teachers – practices that typically take new teachers years to learn.

During each of these seminars, you will observe and study models of excellent teaching, analyze the discrete skills included by those teachers, and practice those skills with peers, receiving real-time feedback to help you immediately improve your teaching and ensure you are a better teacher when you return to your classroom the very next day.

Earning Certification

TNTP Academy holds the highest standards for certification of any program in the country, and our teachers are widely recognized for their ability to help high-need students make dramatic learning gains.

While enrolled in TNTP Academy, we will use the Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness (ACE) to ensure that you remain on track to become a great teacher. Through ACE, we will strive to create the fullest possible picture of your performance using multiple measures such as principal evaluations, classroom observations, and student surveys. We believe the best measure of your effectiveness is the actual academic growth of your students, and we are committed to using student results in ACE whenever possible.

ACE is more than an evaluation system; it is also designed to help you become more successful by giving you regular, meaningful insights about your practice. For example, ACE observation reports will identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can take advantage of professional development opportunities that address your individual needs. We also use this data to customize your support and training.

At the end the year, you must successfully complete all TNTP Academy requirements and pass ACE to earn your Level 1 License. Teachers who fall short, but who are on the right trajectory to meet that bar with additional progress will be placed on an extension year to continue improving their teaching under their Practitioner License. Teachers who struggle persistently and show limited prospect of improvement will not advance to another year of teaching. While we anticipate this outcome to be relatively uncommon, it is necessary. Allowing a chronically struggling teacher to remain in the classroom isn’t good for anyone—not the teacher, not the kids.

Through ACE we set a high bar for certification, but we are confident that our rigorous preparation and personalized support will help most of you to meet it. And once you earn certification through TNTP Academy, principals and district officials will know that you are not simply a certified teacher, but one with a track record of getting results for students.

Attendance at TNTP Academy certification seminars is mandatory. You must attend at least 8 out of 9 Content seminars and 18 hours total of Technique seminars in order to earn certification.

The purpose of the limited number of allowed absences is to accommodate a range of potential scenarios that might prohibit attendance, such as medical emergencies as well as personal, professional, and religious leaves. Examples of situations that have qualified as excused absences in past years include surgery, childbirth, serious illness of a family member, an event at a participant’s school, and religious holidays.

If these attendance guidelines are not met, you will no longer be in good standing with TNTP Academy and you will be removed from the program and ineligible to earn certification.