TNTP Academy tuition for the 2013-2014 school year is $4,000. Tuition covers all expenses related to your training and professional development throughout your time with the program, including the costs of all materials. Tuition does not cover fees associated with payment of certification processing fees, or testing fees. Our goal is to ensure that our tuition costs are low and remain competitive with other certification providers.

There are two payment options for tuition:

  1. Payment in 10 equal installments: All installment payments are made through PayPal, an online payment system that allows users to pay by electronic check, debit card or credit card. These monthly payments typically begin in September of your first year of teaching.
  2. Payment in Full: If you do not wish to enroll in PayPal, you must pay the entire tuition fee at the beginning of the year.

You must fulfill your financial obligation to TNTP Academy in order to be recommended for a Level 1 teaching certificate. Failure to pay the TNTP Academy tuition costs by the due dates will put you at risk of not being recommended for a Level 1 teaching certificate.

Please note that if you withdraw or are withdrawn from TNTP Academy during your first year of teaching, for any reason, you are still responsible for paying full tuition. You will not, under any circumstances, be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

You should have been provided with a tuition agreement form at the beginning of the year; this form is used for you to formally acknowledge your understanding of TNTP Academy tuition policies and to indicate your payment method.

If you have a question about your remaining balance or would like to make a change to your payment plan, please contact Matt Haines at (504) 274-3632.