Teaching in Louisiana 

What subject and grade levels will I teach through TNTP Academy?
Our participants can teach in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Math, Science, English Language Arts, Spanish, French, or Special Education-dual certification. We prepare teachers specifically for success in high-need schools working with students in grades K-12.

When will I start teaching?
Participants who successfully complete training institute with one of TNTP Academy’s Partner Programs and secure full-time positions will officially start teaching on the date that all new teachers are required to report to that district or school.

What are charter schools?
Charter schools are independently-run public schools that operate according to the terms of a contract, or charter, between a private group and a school district or state. In exchange for greater control of the academic program, management structure, and length of the school day and year, charters are accountable to the state for reaching concrete performance targets.

About TNTP Academy

Can you tell me more about TNTP Academy?
TNTP Academy is a state-approved, alternate-route certification provider. We provide training and certification for new teachers across the state of Louisiana. We only enroll and certify teachers who have completed the application, selection and hiring process with one of our 3 TNTP Academy Partner Programs: teachNOLA, Teach Baton Rouge, or Teach For America. Our partner programs are highly selective and recruit talented individuals with an intense desire and commitment to boost academic achievement for all students. Upon acceptance to one of the above programs, that program will provide participants with a 5-7 week pre-service training. In the fall following that training, participants start teaching full-time and begin their certification coursework through TNTP Academy.

What are TNTP Academy’s Partner Programs?
TNTP Academy works in partnership with 3 highly selective Partner Programs. They include TNTP Academy’s very own teachNOLA as well as Teach Baton Rouge and Teach For America. These programs recruit talented individuals with the skills, dedication, and commitment needed to boost student achievement in traditionally underserved schools and communities. For information about application deadlines and requirements at any of the above programs, please contact that program directly. Once an applicant has been accepted, their home program will provide intensive training. In the fall, participants in all three programs will begin teaching full-time and enroll in TNTP Academy to complete coursework toward certification.

I don’t have a degree in teaching, but I’d like to teach. Am I eligible?
Yes. You are eligible for TNTP Academy upon acceptance to one of our three Partner Programs: teachNOLA, Teach Baton Rouge and Teach For America. TNTP Academy only enrolls and certifies teachers who are actively enrolled in a Partner Program . You can learn more about the specific enrollment requirements for each of our Partner Programs may by visiting their websites online.

License and Certification

Will I receive a state teaching license?
During your first year of teaching you will work under a Practitioner’s License. Teachers who successfully complete all TNTP Academy program requirements and pass TNTP Academy’s Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness will be eligible to receive a Level 1 state teaching certificate, which is the standard certificate in the state of Louisiana.

How much does it cost to apply for a license?
The Department of Education charges a fee of $50 to apply for a Practitioner’s License and $50 for a Level 1 License. These fees are not covered in your tuition.

What is the difference between being certified and highly qualified?
When you are certified in a subject area, you have taken the Praxis tests in that area, received specialized training in that area, and hold a state-issued certificate in that area. You can be highly qualified to teach in a subject area before you receive certification, if you are actively participating in an alternate certification program such as TNTP Academy.

What do I need to do to keep my Level 1 Teaching Certificate current?
Your Level 1 Teaching Certificate is valid for three years, and then you can apply to get your Level 2 through the State of Louisiana. You can find out more about this process (which does not involve TNTP Academy) on the Teach Louisiana website at www.teachlouisiana.net.

How do I get certified in more than one area?
While you hold a Practitioner License, you can only pursue certification in one subject area at a time, unless you are being certified in Special Education. All special education teachers must be dually certified.

Once you are eligible for, or have received, your Level 1 Teaching certificate, however, you can apply for an add-on endorsement to add a certification area to your license. The requirements for add-on endorsements vary, depending on your original certification area and the area you are looking to add.

How long does it take to get certified through TNTP Academy?
The certification timeline is dependent on the teacher, however, teachers are typically certified within 1-2 years. Some teachers take longer than others, depending on their own determination and success in the classroom. TNTP Academy recognizes the power of great teachers to transform students' lives and reserves certification only to those participants that demonstrate a consistent ability to help students learn and thrive.

How long does it take the DOE to process my license (PL or Level 1)?
Generally, the DOE is able to process licenses in 4-6 weeks. This timeframe is subject to change, however, depending on the time of year and the volume of requests the DOE is receiving at that time. To check on the status of your license, please visit www.teachlouisiana.net and click on Verify a Teaching Certificate.

How can I get certified in another state?
Having your Level 1 Teaching Certificate from Louisiana will make it much easier to obtain certification in other states. To learn about which states offer reciprocity with Louisiana, visit the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education & Certification (NASDTEC) website at www. Nasdtec.org and click in interstate contract. Or, visit the DOE website of the state to which you’d like to transfer, and look for their specific reciprocity requirements.

What are TNTP Academy office hours?
TNTP staff is available from 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday- Friday. If you’d like to meet with our staff or stop by the office during irregular hours, please contact us at teachNOLA_tntpacademy@tntp.org to make an appointment. Email is our primary mode of communication and is the best way to get in touch with TNTP Academy staff.


How much is TNTP Academy tuition?
TNTP Academy tuition for the 2013-2014 school year is $4000. TNTP Academy offers participants the option to pay in full, or to pay tuition via PayPal over the course of the year.

Where does my tuition go?
TNTP Academy is operated by TNTP, a national non-profit committed to ending the injustice of educational inequality by ensuring effective teaching in every classroom. Your tuition coversto the operating costs TNTP Academy, which include, but are not limited to curricular materials, seminar instructors, and instructional coaches on TNTP Academy staff.