Raising the Standard for New Teacher Certification

You chose to pursue a teaching career with the ambition of making a real difference for high-need students. TNTP Academy aims to guarantee that all of its graduates achieve that goal by setting a high standard for certification by introducing the Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness (ACE) to evaluate teachers' actual first-year performance before making certification recommendations.

Throughout your first year, you will be observed regularly in your classroom. You also can count on receiving meaningful feedback and timely, practical support to address your development needs. At the end of the year, your performance will be assessed based on actual classroom results.

The ACE assessment will incorporate multiple measures—including principal evaluations and successful completion of all program requirements—but student academic progress will be given the greatest weight. Only teachers who are at least as effective as the average new teacher in Louisiana will be recommended for certification.

While this is a high bar, we are confident that TNTP Academy’s rigorous training and personalized support will help most of you to reach it. And once you earn certification through TNTP Academy, principals and district officials will know that you are not simply a certified teacher, but one with a proven track record of getting results.