How to Enroll

TNTP Academy is a certification provider for three programs that bring outstanding new teachers to Louisiana's highest-need students:

All of these programs are highly selective, recruiting talented individuals with the skills, dedication, and commitment needed to boost student achievement in traditionally underserved schools and communities. For information about application deadlines and requirements at any of the above programs, please contact that program directly. Once an applicant has been accepted, their home program will provide intensive summer Pre-service training. In the fall, participants in all three programs will begin teaching full-time and enroll in TNTP Academy to complete coursework toward certification. 

Partner Profiles

teachNOLA streamlines the path to teaching for accomplished professionals and recent college graduates who wish to apply their talents in New Orleans' most-challenging classrooms. teachNOLA Fellows come from all walks of life and learn to teach critical subjects such as math, science and special education through innovative, practice-based training and coaching. teachNOLA is part of a national network of Teaching Fellows programs operated by TNTP,  a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing effective teaching. Since 2000, more than 32,000 Teaching Fellows have helped transform educational opportunities for more than 7 million students nationwide. Today, these programs operate in in more than a dozen U.S. cities and hold the highest standards for effective teaching of any teacher preparation program in America.

Teach For America aims to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our nation's most promising future leaders to teach for two years in a low-income community and help give all kids access to a great education. Teach For America's vision is that one day, all our nation's children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Since Teach For America was founded 1990, its network has grown to include more than 20,000 individuals working together to ensure that all students get the educational opportunities they deserve. TNTP Academy has trained more than 2,600 Teach For America corps members in Louisiana since 2001 – longer than any other certification provider in the state. More than a third of TNTP Academy’s Louisiana staff and half of its instructors got their start in Teach For America.

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools – Teach Baton Rouge is an alternative certification program in EBR Parish that calls on the community's professionals and leaders to commit to teach full-time in Baton Rouge's highest-need schools. Teach Baton Rouge provides rigorous and experiential training for program members, supports them throughout their first year of teaching, and assists them as they pursue alternative certification. Teach Baton Rouge members form a powerful network of educational leaders that are making a difference by bringing their experience, energy, and commitment to Baton Rouge classrooms and students.